Get Ready for College!

“Upon the completion of my first year of college at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I am feeling incredibly grateful. I would not be where I am today without the theatre education I received throughout my summers spent at Texas Arts Project.

I started going to Advanced Camp when I was 14 years old, essentially preparing for college auditions since that age. I have received various amounts of material over the years there, countless songs and monologues for my repertoire, and it is because of this program that I went into every audition after with utmost confidence in preparation and in my material.

I went on to do senior camp, and it is there when I went from being more of a mover, to considering myself a dancer. I learned essential skills for picking up dance combinations quickly and learning how to act my way through it when I could not pick it up so quickly. On top of that, my dance technique developed, and with that knowledge I went on to be able to choreograph dance pieces of my own. At TAP is where I was involved in my first ever attempt at screen acting, and it is because of that introductory experience I felt confidence in film auditions and acting for the screen.

I honestly cannot think of a more beneficial program with teachers brought in from all over the country who are truly passionate about cultivating the individual artist. On top of all that, I made friends there that I will have for the rest of life, got involved in Summer Stock Austin, and was exposed to more of the Austin theatre scene. Now in attending the #4 undergraduate Drama program in the country, I must thank TAP camp for helping me get here. I recommend anyone interested in theatre, acting in college, or just looking to have a great summer register for TAP camp while you still can.” – Korina LurieDSC_6194