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See what happens at TAP Camp…

I’ve learned so much in three weeks and have had a lot of fun at the same time. I don’t want to leave!
~Sarah Nichols (NYU Acting Major)

Campers 2016 met Mandy Patinkin at the Long Center. Stay tuned for the exciting updates of 2017!

Way to go Past Campers!!!!

Wallis Currie-Wood Juilliard Graduate Stevie McCord on Madam Secretary
Donelvan Thigpen
Musical Theatre Major CCM
Christopher Washington
Musical Theatre Major UMich
Korina Lurie 
Acting Major North Carolina School of the Arts
Jenna Scott
Commercial Music Major Belmont University
Lena Owens
Musical Theatre Major OU
Keith Gruber
Musical Theatre Major OU
Kate Brimmer
Musical Theatre Major OU
Renelle Wilson
Acting Major Boston University
Lynley Eilers
Musical Theatre Major Boston Conservatory
Renelle Wilson
Musical Theatre Major Boston Conservatory
Jenna Carson
Musical Theatre Major AMDA
Alexa Cepeda
Musical Theatre Major Ithaca
Jacob Oderberg Acting Major TCU
Jacob Scott Musical Theatre Major Webster Conservatory
Matthew Moore Musical Theatre Major Elon University
Madison Calicchia
Filmmaking Major NYU Tisch Film School
Coy Branscum
Specialty Vocalist Celebrity Cruises

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Camp Philosophy

Texas Arts Project offers a personalized artistic journey combining inter-disciplinary course work, individual attention from industry professionals, artistic challenges encouraging growth, and a safe space for students from all backgrounds to overcome personal artistic obstacles.

There is no benchmark at TAP camp. We believe that with direction and motivation, each camper can push beyond his or her perceived personal limitations. Teachers use the small classes as an opportunity to advance and enhance each student’s personal journey. Fast-paced, professional-style rehearsals and film shoots allow campers to excel as both artists and people. Campers leave with a sense of personal fulfillment, often exhibiting greater self-confidence, a deeper passion for their art form and a true commitment to themselves, their art, and the people around them.