A TAP Camp Testimony – Hone Your Skills at Texas Arts Project this Summer!

At first, I was reluc­tant to even con­sid­er attend­ing a sum­mer pro­gram in-state. My 16-year-old self thought that leav­ing Texas for a few weeks real­ly meant that I was get­ting excel­lent train­ing, but I was so incred­i­bly wrong. TAP Camp is one of the finest sum­mer inten­sives for musi­cal the­atre, act­ing, and film, some­thing very few inten­sives offer col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly.

TAP Camp | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

At TAP, I found a home; a sanc­tu­ary full of oth­er wicked­ly tal­ent­ed young artists all try­ing to bet­ter them­selves. I learned how to trust myself — I learned how to tru­ly be present and in the moment, regard­less of the medi­um I was involved in. TAP camp instills this hunger for knowl­edge and improve­ment in every sin­gle stu­dent — some­thing that you don’t see very often. The young artist’s pur­pose is chal­lenged and strength­ened at this inten­sive, and we tru­ly got a taste of the busi­ness. Everything going on is fast-paced and campers learn to adapt to change quick­ly, a skill use­ful in and out of the the­atre. TAP helped me under­stand myself, what I was capa­ble of, and how quick­ly I can improve if I set my mind to it.

Through TAP, my peers and I gained all the skills nec­es­sary to suc­cess­ful­ly com­plete our Unified Auditions for BFA pro­grams. In fact, one of my favorite days was when we had a “Mock Unified” expe­ri­ence; it tru­ly gave us a taste of what to expect when the actu­al audi­tions came. Through this, I was accept­ed to The Boston Conservatory for a BFA in Musical Theatre, some­thing that would not be pos­si­ble with­out the Texas Arts Project.


TAP Camp does such a thor­ough job of mak­ing sure that each stu­dent is pre­pared for what­ev­er lies ahead of them, and I am so hum­bled to be a part of this expe­ri­ence. TAP Camp is for every­one, the 16-year-old opera singer, the 14-year-old who wants to make films but has nev­er tried, or the expe­ri­enced young actor who wants to strength­en his skills — TAP Camp fos­ters all of these types and helps each of them blos­som.

Overall, the sum­mer of 2015 at Texas Arts Project was the best sum­mer I’ve ever had. I will always remem­ber TAP and all of the lessons I learned there. Thank you TAP Camp, I owe you big time!

-Sarah Cosgrove (Starting Boston Conservatory Fall 2016)

Five. Six. Seven! Why Texas Arts Project is THE Place to Be This Summer

I attend­ed TAP camp the sum­mer of 2014 before my senior year of high school. The expe­ri­ences I had and the peo­ple I met while there, have stuck with me to this day. It’s a great way to meet kids just like you all over Texas while spend­ing almost a month hav­ing great sum­mer fun as well as learn­ing some­thing new infor­ma­tion in the thing we all love to do!

For me, I was on a mis­sion to get pre­pared for col­lege. Senior year is either titled the “Easiest Year of My Life” or for any arts major: “The Most Stressful Nine Months of My High School Career”. Not only do we have to wor­ry about get­ting in aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly, but we must also pre­pare 3 – 5 dif­fer­ent songs with dif­fer­ent require­ments for more than 7 schools as well as fly all over the coun­try and wait two months longer than every­one else to see if we’re going to col­lege. Going to TAP camp allowed me to keep a mod­er­ate­ly sane mind­set while going through such chaos. I was taught to be pre­pared for any­thing that could hap­pen and any sur­pris­es that may throw me off bal­ance. I was also giv­en care­ful advice from those who had already gone through the process, not to take on too much. It seems easy to apply to so many schools so that you’re guar­an­teed an admit­tance but that brings a lot of expens­es and a lot of 16-bar cuts.

The most impor­tant thing I learned at TAP was to be myself. I’m sure that sounds incred­i­bly cliché but it’s also very true and so impor­tant. I was audi­tion­ing for the next four years of my life, so why would I present the peo­ple behind the table with a char­ac­ter? No mat­ter how many times I rehearsed my slate and songs, as long as I walked in there with con­fi­dence, I still aced the audi­tion.

Being at TAP camp also helped me learn what I want­ed to get out of a school. The sched­ule is very intense: get up, work­out, break­fast, work, lunch, rehearse, din­ner, maybe some fun, sleep and do it all again the next day. This assured me I was not inter­est­ed in a con­ser­v­a­tive school. When we went off-cam­pus or had free days, that made me think that I was inter­est­ed in a big school full of kids who weren’t only inter­est­ed in the arts. Thanks to TAP Camp, I’m at my dream school, the University of Oklahoma, and lov­ing every minute of it. If you’re unsure of how to take on this career, go to TAP Camp and soak up all that you can because it’s worth it.”

-Lena Owens (Musical Theatre Major, University of Oklahoma)


Get Ready for College!

Upon the com­ple­tion of my first year of col­lege at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I am feel­ing incred­i­bly grate­ful. I would not be where I am today with­out the the­atre edu­ca­tion I received through­out my sum­mers spent at Texas Arts Project.

I start­ed going to Advanced Camp when I was 14 years old, essen­tial­ly prepar­ing for col­lege audi­tions since that age. I have received var­i­ous amounts of mate­r­i­al over the years there, count­less songs and mono­logues for my reper­toire, and it is because of this pro­gram that I went into every audi­tion after with utmost con­fi­dence in prepa­ra­tion and in my mate­r­i­al.

I went on to do senior camp, and it is there when I went from being more of a mover, to con­sid­er­ing myself a dancer. I learned essen­tial skills for pick­ing up dance com­bi­na­tions quick­ly and learn­ing how to act my way through it when I could not pick it up so quick­ly. On top of that, my dance tech­nique devel­oped, and with that knowl­edge I went on to be able to chore­o­graph dance pieces of my own. At TAP is where I was involved in my first ever attempt at screen act­ing, and it is because of that intro­duc­to­ry expe­ri­ence I felt con­fi­dence in film audi­tions and act­ing for the screen.

I hon­est­ly can­not think of a more ben­e­fi­cial pro­gram with teach­ers brought in from all over the coun­try who are tru­ly pas­sion­ate about cul­ti­vat­ing the indi­vid­ual artist. On top of all that, I made friends there that I will have for the rest of life, got involved in Summer Stock Austin, and was exposed to more of the Austin the­atre scene. Now in attend­ing the #4 under­grad­u­ate Drama pro­gram in the coun­try, I must thank TAP camp for help­ing me get here. I rec­om­mend any­one inter­est­ed in the­atre, act­ing in col­lege, or just look­ing to have a great sum­mer reg­is­ter for TAP camp while you still can.” — Korina LurieDSC_6194

What Parents Say About TAP Junior

Texas Arts Project has become the most-looked-for­ward-to event of the Summer in our house. This sum­mer will be the 4th year that our daugh­ter Josie will attend TAP camp. Her love for musi­cal the­ater was cat­a­pult­ed after her first sum­mer at TAP. Her expe­ri­ence there has giv­en her the skills to audi­tion, to mem­o­rize lines, and to per­form on stage, all with con­fi­dence of a pro. She has made life­long friends from all over the United States. Ginger, Kelly, and their team are all pro­fes­sion­als with open hearts and open minds — deter­mined to show­case your child’s tal­ent, what­ev­er it may be.
-Carrie Turlington (Josie’s Mom)

Katie and Stevie had a GREAT time at TAP camp. Many, many thanks to you and to all of your won­der­ful staff and coun­selors, for putting togeth­er such a great week for our kids. They had a ball and we absolute­ly LOVED the show­case. 
‑Lara Gibson (Katie and Stevie’s mom)

I am very impressed with the whole expe­ri­ence. Thank you for such a pro­fes­sion­al, well-run cre­ative expe­ri­ence.
-Kelly Hood (Devon’s Mom)

Kathryn has already been in “you’re a good man Charlie Brown” and also made Fiddler on the Roof – the big win­ter musi­cal at her HS…think only 4 fresh­men made it. She is doing so well thanks to her excel­lent TAP train­ing!

What Campers Say About TAP

College is the unknown. It’s daunt­ing. Texas Arts Project gave me con­fi­dence in myself. I start­ed col­lege know­ing I could suc­ceed. It seems small, but hav­ing a safe place to grow makes a sub­stan­tial impact in a young actor’s life. TAP Camp gave me excel­lent train­ing in per­for­mance aspects, but also allowed me to fall, know­ing I’d get back up again.
-Coy Branscum (TAP Camper 2010 – 2011) is a grad­u­ate of Millikin University’s BFA Musical Theatre Program
Thank you to TAP camp. It was absolute­ly amaz­ing and I can’t express how grate­ful I am for the expe­ri­ence. It real­ly made a dif­fer­ence for me, and I just want­ed to say thanks.
-Gretchen Hahn (TAP Camper 2011) is study­ing Acting at the University of Oklahoma
I have grown as a film­mak­er and have learned so much about process and time man­age­ment.
-Madison Calicchia (TAP Camper 2012, Filmmaking Major from Houston)
TAP Camp is amaz­ing. It has uncon­scious­ly made me become more ambi­tious, hard­work­ing, deter­mined, and has giv­en me the abil­i­ty to be more opti­mistic about life.
-Ryan Breuer (Musical Theatre Major 2008 – 2010) is study­ing Astrophysics at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Buckner is an awe­some film teacher. Actually, I loved the whole camp.
-Diego Rodriguez (Filmmaking Major 2011 – 2012 from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico)

It was way different and more better than I expected it to be, from the amazing staff to all of the campers, and activities. I learned so much and still had so much fun. -Nicole Voulgaropoulos (TAP Camper 2012, Acting Major from North Carolina)
From the amaz­ing staff to all of the campers an activ­i­ties, I learned so much and still had so much fun.
-Nicole Voulgaropoulos (Acting Major 2012 from North Carolina)

TAP Camp is so much more intense than other camps like it. I love how much focus is really put on the theatrical aspects of it vs. it being a camp. I love how the counselors are so friendly and cool with you, but also firm and parent-like. At TAP Camp, no one gives up on you or ever believes you can't do something. Korina Lurie (TAP Camp 2011-2012, Musical Theatre Major from Austin)
TAP Camp is so much more intense than oth­er camps like it. I love how much focus is real­ly put on the the­atri­cal aspects of it vs. it being a camp. I love how the coun­selors are so friend­ly and cool with you, but also firm and par­ent-like. At TAP Camp, no one gives up on you or ever believes you can’t do some­thing.
-Korina Lurie (Musical Theatre Major 2011 – 2012, from Austin, TX)
I loved how much they pushed us. It felt like a professional college-level place. Angela Poffenbaugh (TAP Camper 2012, Acting Major from North Carolina)
I loved how much they pushed us. The envi­ron­ment felt very pro­fes­sional.
-Angela Poffenbaugh (Acting Major 2012 from North Carolina)

TAP camp helped so much! I've received many notifications from the schools that I auditioned for, that I am being "highly considered". I would like to thank you! Honestly, I wish I knew about TAP camp sooner. -Zach Teague (TAP Camper 2010) is studying theater at Elon University
TAP camp helped so much! I’ve received many noti­fi­ca­tions from the schools that I audi­tioned for, that I am being “high­ly con­sid­ered”. I would like to thank you! Honestly, I wish I knew about TAP camp soon­er.
-Zach Teague (TAP Camper 2010) is study­ing the­ater at Elon University

I’ve nev­er learned so much about any craft in such a short amount of time. It’s amaz­ing what I’ve tak­en away from this expe­ri­ence.
-Izzy Custodio (Acting Major 2011 – 2012 from San Antonio, Texas) won a schol­ar­ship award and a free trip in an act­ing com­pe­ti­tion.
I real­ly loved direct­ing my own film and learn­ing about screen­writ­ing. The pro­fes­sion­al atmos­phere helped me stay on task. Filmmaking at Texas Arts Project is sweet!
-Andrew Rhodes (Filmmaking Major 2012 from College Station)
TAP Camp pre­pared me for audi­tions by teach­ing me the tech­ni­cal and prac­ti­cal neces­si­ties need­ed to show­case my tal­ents in the the short amount of time giv­en in the audi­tion room. While col­lege audi­tions were daunt­ing, I was calm and sure of myself because I had all the tools I need­ed to suc­ceed – and these were tools I had gained at TAP Camp. I was accept­ed to the won­der­ful pro­gram at Ithaca College, to major with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I was also able to use what I learned at TAP in a recent audi­tion for a pro­fes­sion­al pro­duc­tion of The Fantasticks, and was cast as the Muse and under­study for Luisa – the lead!! Blown away and incred­i­bly grate­ful, I know much of my con­fi­dence and belief in myself to even audi­tion came from the four sum­mers I spent at Texas Arts Project, learn­ing ways in which to refine and bet­ter my craft. TAP Camp pre­pared me for col­lege – as well as life – by pro­vid­ing me with an ever­last­ing reminder to love and nur­ture my work with all of me. TAP Camp taught me that is is worth wak­ing up every day at 7 a.m because life does not run out of oppor­tu­ni­ties: whether it is an excel­lent break­fast with friends, a bril­liant teacher and direc­tor to shape your life for the bet­ter, or a song that makes you love your voice and your life.
–Alexa Cepeda (Musical Theatre Major 2007 – 2010 from College Station) is study­ing musi­cal the­atre at Ithaca University.

Where Our Campers Come From

Over the past four years, our campers have come from 160 different schools.

A&M Consolidated High School College Station TX
Adams Middle School North Platte NE
AHB Community School Austin TX
Alamo Heights Jr. School San Antonio TX
all saints Episcopal Fort Worth TX
Artie Henry Middle School Cedar Park TX
Austin International school AUSTIN TX
CedarRidge High School Round Rock TX
Chanute High Seguin TX
Chapel Hill HS TYLER TX
Clayton Austin TX
Cockrell Elementary Pearland TX
Comfort High School Comfort TX
Communications Arts High School San Antonio TX
Coppell High School Coppell TX
Cornerstone Connection Round Rock TX
CPHS Cedar Park TX
Cy-Ranch High School Cypress TX
CyFalls High School Houston TX
Cypress Grove Intermediate College Station TX
Davis ele Austin TX
Dickerson Middle School Marietta GA
Dripping Springs HS Dripping Springs TX
Dripping Springs Middle Dripping Springs TX
Durham Intermediate Southlake TX
Eanes Elementary Austin TX
Elgin Middle School Lawton OK
Emery Weiner Bellaire, TX
Faubion Middle School McKinney TX
Fern Bluff Elementary Round Rock TX
Forest Trail Elementary Austin TX
Fort Worth Country Day Arlington TX
Friendswood Jr. High School Friendswood TX
Giddens Elementary Cedar Park TX
Good Sheperd Austin TX
Gordon ISD Gordon TX
Gorzicky Middle School Austin TX
Grady Middle School Houston TX
Grady Rasco Lake Jackson TX
Haggard Middle School Plano TX
hcc­sa austin TX
HCCSA Cedar Park TX
Herod ES hous­ton TX
Highland Park Austin TX
Highland Park MS Dallas TX
Hill Country Christian School of Austin Cedar Park TX
Hill Country Middle School Austin TX
Hill School Mansfield TX
Hyde Park Austin TX
Hyde Park Round Rock TX
Hyde Park Baptist Austin TX
Hyde Park High Austin TX
insti­tu­to san rober­to mon­ter­rey Mexico
ITESM Monterrey Mexico
Jasper High School Plano TX
JJ Pearce Dallas TX
Karen Wagner High school Kirby TX
Kinkaid Houston TX
Konaweana Honaunau HI
Kopperl ISD Kopperl TX
Labay Middle School Houston TX
Lake mal­oney School North Platte NE
Lamar High School Houston TX
Laura Bush Elementary School Austin TX
Laurel Mountain Elementary Austin TX
Leander HS Cedar Park TX
Lincoln Southwest High School Lincoln NE
Los Fresnos High School Brownsville TX
Lubbock High School Lubbock TX
Lutheran South Academy Friendswood TX
LWBE Austin TX
M.B. Lamar Houston TX
Madison Acedemic HS Jackson TN
Magnolia High School Magnolia TX
Manzano High Cedar Crest NM
McCallum High School Austin TX
McCollough Intermediate School Dallas TX
McNeil High School Round Rock TX
Mead Elementary San Antonio TX
Mills Elementary Austin TX
Montgomery Jr High Montgomery TX
Morris Middle School McAllen TX
Mountain View Elementary Harker Heights TX
Murchison Middle School Austin TX
New SW Middle School Austin TX
Newman Smith High School Carrollton TX
Nichols Sawmill Elementary Houston TX
North East School of the Arts at Lee High School San Antonio TX
Northland Christian Houston TX
O’Henry mid­dle school austin TX
Oak Grove High School Oak Grove LA
Oak Hill Austin TX
Paragon Prep Austin TX
Pearland High School Pearland TX
Pearland Junior High East Pearland TX
Plainview High School Plainview TX
Plano East Senior High School Garland TX
Port Isabel High School South Padre Island TX
Port Neches-Groves High School Port Neches TX
Prepa tec Monterrey Mexico
RBMS Cedar Park TX
Regents school of Austin Autstin TX
Revere High School Richfield OH
Richard King HS Corpus Christi TX
River Ridge Elementary Austin TX
Riverplace Austin TX
Rooster Springs Elementary Austin TX
Rosehill Christian School Tomball TX
Rosehill Christian School Cypress TX
Running Brushy Middle School Leander TX
saint gabriels Austin TX
San Saba High San Saba TX
San Saba Middle School San Saba TX
shi­mot­su mis­sion TX
Silve Elementary Weslaco TX
Silver Lake Elementary Grapevine TX
Sloan Creek Middle School Fairview TX
Small Middle School Austin TX
South Texas Prepatory Academy McAllen TX
Southlake Christian Academy Mooresville NC
Spicewood Elementary Austin TX
Spring Branch MS San Antonio TX
St Augustine lare­do TX
St Mary’s, Temple, TX Harker Heights TX
St Peter’s, Lincoln NE Lincoln NE
St Stephens Austin TX
St. Andrew’s Austin TX
St. Francis School Austin TX
St. Gabriel’s Catholic School Austin TX
St. Gregory the Great Catholic San Antonio TX
St. James Catholic School New Braunfels TX
St. John’s College Belize City Belize
St. Mary’s Catholic School Temple TX
Steiner Ranch Elementary Austin TX
Stratford High School Houston TX
TAFT High School San Antonio TX
TAMIU Early College Laredo TX
Tarkington High School Cleveland TX
The John Cooper School The Woodlands TX
The Khabele School Austin TX
The Kinkaid School Houston TX
The Langley School Austin TX
The Woodlands HS The Woodlands TX
Thrall Thrall TX
Trinity Midland TX
Trinity Episcopal School Austin TX
Union Grove Harker Heights TX
United Day School in Laredo Laredo TX
Vanguard Academy edin­burg TX
Vanguard Christian Boerne TX
Veritas Preparatory Academy Phoenix AZ
Vines High School Plano TX
Wagner High School San Antonio TX
Wayside Middle School Fort Worth TX
Westlake High School, Austin, TX Austin TX
Westwood Austin TX
Wilderness Oaks Elementary School San Antonio TX
William Howard Taft San Antonio TX