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Final Showcase

This is where it all comes today. Where we finally get to serve a meal. After days and weeks of hard work, our Showcases are the opportunity for us to, well, show off. All the disciplines come together in an exciting weekend festival that allow us to celebrate in our talents and enjoy our last times together before camp comes to a close.


Senior Camp

The Senior Camp show­cases live per­for­mance and film screenings sep­a­rately. The final per­for­mance showcase is on the final Saturday of camp. It is a the­mat­i­cally cohesive per­for­mance show­casing all of the campers as “com­plete” artists. Afternoon rehearsals prepare campers to integrate into the opening and closing numbers. Between the opening and closing numbers is nearly two hours of scenes and mono­logues from con­tem­porary pub­lished play­wrights and TAP campers, and songs and dances from Broadway musical reper­toire. The Film Screening is at 1pm on Sunday. Film shorts written and pro­duced by film­making majors and per­formed by per­for­mance majors will be screened for friends, family and campers.

Junior Camp

The Junior Camp final per­for­mance showcase is on the final day of camp (Saturday). It com­bines singing, dancing and acting by all campers in a twenty to thrity minute showcase per­for­mance. Using songs from Broadway and Disney reper­toire, the campers learn to sing and dance to both popular and more obscure songs. Typically, the songs are strung together by a theme or storyline.

Advanced Camp

The Advanced Camp does not have a final showcase for friends and family. As the camp focus is on college audi­tions, the campers will have a final mock audition, preparing for the pressure of the college audition process. It is therefore, not a per­for­mance, and is closed to the public.