Intermediate/ Advanced

Junior 2: Intermediate – Advanced: June 10 – 23

*Application with video submission required. See How to Apply for more details.*

In Cate’s 5 years of studying musical theatre, TAP has been the most professional triple threat training my daughter has received.  She has grown in to a confident performer thanks in large part to her TAP summer experiences. – Debra Gillham

The 2-week camp is an advanced musical theatre program. Campers take classes in voice, dance and acting. The classes are designed for students who seriously want to grow in these areas. In comparison to the 1-week camp, these campers are given more advanced material and follow a more structured class and rehearsal schedule.
Showcase: 1pm Saturday June 23, 2018


Voice Classes

  • Improve placement, diction, interpretation, and performance skills.
  • Develop tone, breath control, and relaxation.
  • Enhance confidence while singing.

Dance Classes

  • Improve coordination, strength, flexibility, and performance skills.
  • Develop confidence, style, and grace.
  • Enhance joy for dance in multiple forms, specifically as it relates to musical theatre.

Acting Classes

  • Improve diction, projection, physicality, spontaneity, and connecting to a character.
  • Develop sensory awareness and personal creativity.
  • Enhance confidence, teamwork, problem solving skills.


Rehearsals are extremely product driven with the showcase as the final goal. Campers learn several song and dance numbers as a whole group. Solos, duets and trios are assigned throughout the camp. Campers work together for two weeks learning, growing, and supporting each other through their final bows.


Important Dates

May 1– Deadline for Applications

Sunday  First Day of Camp
1pm-2pm: Check In
2:15pm-2:45pm: Parent Orientation
2:45pm-6pm: Camper Orientation
6pm-7pm: Dinner (first meal served)
7pm-9pm: Camper Activity
9:30pm: Lights Out

Saturday — Last Day of Camp

1pm-2pm: Final Showcase
2pm-3pm: Reception & Check-Out


*NOTE: All campers for TAP Junior, TAP Senior, and TAP Advanced are required to audition at the beginning of camp. Auditions are held for many reasons. The staff will get the opportunity to know all the campers and their strengths and weaknesses in all types of performance. Additionally the staff will be able to make casting decisions about the final showcase, place campers in the correct class levels, and make sure that all classes are challenging and appropriate. All campers will participate in multiple sections of the audition. The audition process will be conducted in a professional and encouraging environment. It will be fun, but we are expecting your personal best. Visit Placement Auditions for more information.

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