Campus Life

The St. Stephen’s Campus is truly amazing. We aren’t slumming it here. The dorms are comfy, the food is great. Just wait until you make your first fresh waffle!


The dorms are equipped with full kitchens, common areas with television, comfortable lounging and community bathrooms with private showers. Most dorm rooms each have two sets of bunk beds, accommodating 4 campers. Some have two twin beds accommodating 2 campers. Each camper gets at least 1/2 of a clothing rack, 2 clothes drawers and 3 shelves. Some dorm rooms have a sink and mirror.


Dining Hall

St. Stephen’s is building a new dining hall and will therefore be closing the current dining hall beginning in January. Summer Camps will be catered this year instead of using the St. Stephen’s dining hall. We will still do everything within our control to accommodate dietary restrictions.  All campers will receive a full breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.


Brand New Dining Hall for TAP 2014!

Brand New Dining Hall for TAP Camp!