Senior Camp

June 10 – July 1, 2018

TAP Camp 2017 Memories

Camp Philosophy

Accept the Challenge

Texas Arts Project strives to create the “complete artist.” Junior Campers get a taste of singing, acting, and dancing. Senior Campers choose a “major” field of study, and have opportunities to engage in courses and activities in all other majors. There is an expectation that all campers try new things as they strengthen the skills in their comfort area and learn to enjoy expanding their horizons in all other areas. Individual attention along with high expectations for the group encourage personal responsibility and teamwork.

Discover the Process

The study of any subject begins with the basics and the performing arts at TAP camp are no different. Campers vigorously study the nuts and bolts of each field of study – from acting techniques and musical theatre history to film editing and body conditioning. Only through intimate awareness with our field can we properly work towards our greatest potential.

Realize Your Potential

At TAP camp, we never lose sight of the final goal. Showcase rehearsals require campers to integrate their technique with strong performance skills. Film shoots and hours in the editing studio keep our filmmakers guided towards the final product. Our rigorous rehearsal and preparation process ensures a feeling of accomplishment and personal success with each and every as they take their final bow or watch their last credits roll.

Typical Daily Schedule

8am-8:45am Work Out/Warm-Up
8:45am-9:30am Breakfast
9:30am-12pm Technique Classes
12:00-12:30pm Lunch
12:30-1pm Dorm Time
1-3:30pm Technique Classes
3:30-5pm All Camp Rehearsal
5-6pm Camp Activity
6-7pm Dinner
7-10pm Rehearsal/Practicum
10-11pm Twice Weekly Nighttime Activities
10pm-11:30pm Dorm time and lights out (depending on the evening)


Schedule of Important Dates

Session Dates: June 10 – July 1, 2018


3pm-4pm: Check In
4:15pm-4:45pm: Parent Orientation
4:45pm-6pm: Camper Orientation
6pm-7pm: Dinner (first meal served)
7pm-10pm: Camper Activity
10pm: Dorm Meetings
11pm: Lights Out

Sunday, Father’s Day
10am-1pm: Parent Visitation

5pm: Final Showcase
(Please make arrangements so that the campers may stay for the final night of camp. Check-out is on Sunday.)

6:30pm: Reception

7pm: Campers begin strike and clean up

1pm-2pm: Film Screenings
2pm-3pm: Check-Out


*NOTE: All campers for TAP Junior, TAP Senior, and TAP Advanced are required to audition at the beginning of camp. Auditions are held for many reasons. The staff will get the opportunity to know all the campers and their strengths and weaknesses in all types of performance. Additionally the staff will be able to make casting decisions about the final showcase, place campers in the correct class levels, and make sure that all classes are challenging and appropriate. All campers will participate in multiple sections of the audition. The audition process will be conducted in a professional and encouraging environment. It will be fun, but we are expecting your personal best. Visit Placement Auditions for more information.

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