2018 Employment

Texas Arts Project Application 2018

Residential Staff

Job Description
Counselors report to Residential Director and Camp Directors. Counselors are our front line and direct link to the campers. Counselors are directly responsible for the supervision of their assigned campers, and are to participate in the daily camp activities. Counselors generally take on teaching, administrative, production and marketing roles as well.

Description for Resident Counselors
Counselors provide direct supervision to student campers who are enrolled in the Texas Arts Project Summer Camp program. All Counselors play a vital role in developing a positive, safe, and enriching camp experience for every camper.


  • High school graduate or equivalent and at least one year of college completed.
  • Must be in good physical condition.
  • Should have experience working with ages 9-18.
  • Should have the ability to control ages 9-18 without physical contact or force.
  • Ability to relate to one’s peer group
  • Ability to accept supervision and guidance
  • Ability to assist in teaching and leading activities
  • Good character, integrity, and adaptability
  • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control

Direct Responsibilities of all Residential Staff

  • Assist in planning and conducting camping programs that have been developed by the Residential Director.
  • Prepare campus for check-in and assist with check-in
  • Keep the campers under constant supervision.
  • Be responsible for the care, upkeep, and storage of all camp equipment.
  • Assist in teaching or leading activities, as assigned.
  • Complete jobs requested by the Residential Director and Camp Directors.
  • Assist with checking campers out of their dorms
  • Assist with the strike the following camp

Additional Residential Staff Duties

Office Assistant

  • Maintain camper records; Create the showcase programs; Type the showcase script
  • Take notes during staff and camper meetings; Create camper schedules; assist Camp Directors with all administrative duties.

Teacher/Teacher Assistant

  • Assist teachers during classes, rehearsals, and production
  • Teach classes, give lectures, and conduct forums
  • Lead warm-ups
  • Coach individuals on monologues and songs
  • Monitor campers as they work on individual projects or assignments.

Production Assistant

  • Assist Production Manager, Stage Manager, Technical Director and Artistic Director
  • Coordinate rehearsals for all majors
  • Create and upkeep of rehearsal reports
  • Act as leader during crew hours.

Marketing and PR Assistant

  • Edit film into a camper DVD and promotional DVD
  • Upload photos to website during camp
  • Send press releases for showcases
  • Create camper surveys
  • Update media lists
  • Create new and unique forms of marketing and PR for TAP camp.

These statements on duties are not to be taken as the final and only work to be done by staff members. Frequently it is necessary for individual staff members to cooperate on a project, which is important for the continued smooth operation of the camp. Such duties will be under the direction of the Residential and Artistic Directors.

Faculty Application

Instructor (various positions)

Title: Instructor
Job Location: St. Stephen’s Episcopal School
Hours of Work: Varies, dependent upon number of classes. Will include outside preparation. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start of class and be prepared.
Job Duties

  • Instruct classes with a clear objective and a positive attitude.
  • Prepare and organize syllabus and class goals. Maintain class roll if applicable.
    Comply with and enforce all St. Stephen’s rules.
  • Maintain open dialogue with camp directors, fellow instructors, camp counselors and teaching assistants.
  • Evaluate students’ progress. Notify directors of any individual concerns.
  • When dealing with an accompanist/assistant, maintain an open dialogue regarding your class needs.

Criteria for Selection

  • B.A./B.F.A. or higher (or equivalent technical training andexperience) in the field to be taught.
  • Experience with children.

Title: Accompanist
Job Location: St. Stephen’s Episcopal School
Hours of Work: varies, dependent upon number of classes or projects, may include outside preparation (arrangements, etc.)

Job Duties

  • Arrive at each class/performance on time and prepared.
  • Be aware of instructors’ plans for each class.
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your instructor regarding his/her needs.
  • Criteria for Selection
  • B.A./B.F.A. or higher (or equivalent training) in piano performance/accompanying.
  • Large knowledge of musical theatre.
  • Prefer experience with children.

If you wish to apply for any positions with Texas Arts Project, please review the instructor guidelines and send in a completed application form. Faculty must attend pre and post camp orientation, meetings and strike.

  • Acting Teachers
    • Contemporary Scenes and Monologues
    • Movement
    • Speech/Dialects
    • History
    • Improvisation
    • Stage Combat
    • Film Acting
  • Dance Teachers
    • Tap
    • Ballet
    • Jazz
    • Modern
    • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
    • Accompanists
    • Choreographers
    • Vocal Coaches
    • Broadway Dance
    • Acting
  • Filmmaking
    • Production
    • Direction
    • Editing
    • Animation
  • Theatre Tech/Design
    • Lighting Design/Construction
    • Scenery Design/Construction
    • Costume Design/Construction
    • Scenic Painting