St. Stephen's Campus

Quite hon­est­ly, most peo­ple are shocked when they vis­it St. Stephen’s for the first time. It cer­tain­ly does­n’t look like your typ­i­cal school campus.

The minute you dri­ve through the front gates you notice some­thing dif­fer­ent. You’re imme­di­ate­ly sur­round­ed by thou­sands of trees. The build­ings set into the hill­side frame views of the lake and the sur­round­ing hills. Even the ath­let­ic fields have views that look like they came right off a postcard.

We have 44 build­ings in all includ­ing class­room build­ings, dorms, a din­ing hall, 2 gyms, a black box space, a prosce­ni­um stage, prac­tice rooms, a recital hall, and fac­ul­ty houses.

St. Stephen’s is one of the most spe­cial places in Austin. We hope you’ll see it all for yourself.

Arts Facilities

Arts facil­i­ties include the Helm Fine Arts Center fea­tur­ing the Temple Family Theatre, a 410-seat per­for­mance venue and prosce­ni­um stage; a 100-seat recital hall; and an open-air por­ti­co over­look­ing Lake Austin. In addi­tion to Helm, the cam­pus boasts Hines Hall Theatre and Bowen Arts Studio, two addi­tion­al rehearsal/​per­for­mance spaces as well as the Clayton dance studio.