CAP Weeklong Summer Intensive

CAP Weeklong Summer Intensive
June 6 – 11 | Sunday-Friday |10am-5pm

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What You Will Get

EXTENSIVE Private Coaching for Each Student
EXPAND Your Rep With Dynamic, Hand-Picked Songs & Monologues
DAILY CLASSES Focused on College Audition Techniques & Expectations
EXCLUSIVE Mock Auditions and Pre-Screen Tips

Monday-Friday | 10am-5pm 
Schedule includes large and small group class­es, self-paced mod­ules, pri­vate lessons, and mock auditions

  • Private Voice, Dance, and Acting to Prepare you for College Auditions
  • Songs and Monologues Chosen for You and Coached Individually
  • Dances in a Variety of Styles
  • Self-Taping 101
  • Mock Auditions
  • A Personalized Plan 
  • College List Curation 

Musical Theatre Majors will leave with two songs and one mono­logue.
Acting Majors will leave with three monologues 

Typical Classes

Choosing the right col­lege
It is often dif­fi­cult to know where to start when you are think­ing about col­lege pro­grams. They all offer dif­fer­ent degrees and spe­cial­ize in dif­fer­ent areas. Instructors will guide these stu­dents through a process to choose the right type of col­lege and, in turn, cre­ate a list of col­leges to apply to.

The Art of College Auditions
Auditioning for col­lege is dif­fer­ent from audi­tion­ing for pro­fes­sional work. Colleges are look­ing for stu­dents who are ready to train for four years, stu­dents they feel they can mold over time. There is an art to these audi­tions that our instruc­tors have spent years work­ing on.

Monologue & Song Preparation
This will con­sist of prac­ti­cal coach­ing ses­sions aimed at giv­ing the indi­vid­ual stu­dent the means to achieve at least one pre­sentable audi­tion mono­logue and one audi­tion song.

Mock Auditions
At the end of the week, stu­dents will go through a mock col­lege audi­tion. Each stu­dent will be giv­en ver­bal and/​or writ­ten eval­u­a­tions of their work from teach­ers and guest artists.