What do Campers Say About Scott Thompson?

Scott Thompson is a phenomenal person.  I have never worked with someone as dedicated to their craft as he, and I don’t know if I will again because I have a sneaking suspicion that even on Broadway, people as passionate are somewhat of an anomaly.  Scott did more for me than just teach me dance moves and block my scenes: he gave me a drive in every area of musical theatre including singing and acting. Working with Scott was life-changing, and I am ecstatic to hear that he is coming back.  I can only hope that more of his talent rubs off on me. He is one of the most skilled, hardworking, and sincere people you will ever meet.
-Jacob Scott

What I learned the most from Scott Thompson was that you can honestly push yourself far past your own expectations. Before this past summer I had never considered myself to be a dancer, but after 3 weeks with Scott, it finally didn’t feel out of place to say that I was one. I was cast as the lead dancer in my school show this year and I know without his help, I honestly would have had no shot at being cast as that. Not only did my dancing improve but overall performing improved dramatically. He taught me that you have to always be working for it, and never let your acting slip for even a second when you’re dancing. He taught me that acting was the most important part of the dance.
-Korina Lurie

TAP Camp is a wonderful place where the staff takes a personal
interest in each camper. If there’s something you feel you’re not as
strong in, you’ll probably feel much more confident after TAP. Scott
Thompson is a wonderful director full of life experience, wonderful
stories, and just plain talent! He makes rehearsals fun and efficient.
I learned so much from the TAP Camp staff and Scott Thompson last year
and wouldn’t trade it for anything.
-Lizzie Guest

Let me begin by saying that I cannot dance, or rather, I could not dance until I met the incredible Scott Thompson. This man literally changed my life (as is the nature of every faculty member brought into Texas Arts Project). For the three weeks the camp ran, I watched in amazement as he made girls belt and turned boys into strong leading men, including myself. However, in addition to all of this, he gave me the opportunity I had given up hope on ever receiving – he gave me the chance to dance. Until this point I had been told I would never dance, but “no” and “can’t” aren’t in Scott’s vocabulary. This man was the first person to tell me I could be everything I ever wanted to be, he took a chance and trusted me and now I am pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre at Millikin University, where I am being cast in musicals as a main dancer. Who would have ever known? I guess Scott did! I’ve heard people jokingly say, “TAP Camp changes lives,” but it really does. Do yourself a favor and sign up for this amazing opportunity.
-Coy Branscum

From my point of view, he was the best teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Just by the way he taught he made everyone love and learn the theatre craft. I’ve learned way more about the industry in 3 weeks with him than I have any other way. He really provided the students a great relaxing environment to learn the craft. He taught dance as though it was acting which is hard to find in some choreographers. We students weren’t learning choreography, but instead we were acting out different emotions that just so happened to have synchronized movement to them! I felt that he made everyone feel like they could do anything, if they tried hard enough.  If they wanted to be successful,  they could do it. He was a firm believer in “if you want it, go and get it”. And he made everyone learning from him try their absolute hardest each chance they got, with no wasted repetition. “Look the tiger in the eye”!!
-Hayden Warzek