All campers will engage in dance classes as well as monologue and voice coaching.

Musical Theatre Majors will leave with two songs and one monologue.

Acting Majors will leave with two monologues and one song.

Typical Classes

Choosing the right col­lege
It is often dif­fi­cult to know where to start when you are think­ing about col­lege pro­grams. They all offer dif­fer­ent degrees and spe­cial­ize in dif­fer­ent areas. Instructors will guide these stu­dents through a process to choose the right type of col­lege and, in turn, cre­ate a list of col­leges to apply to.

The Art of College Auditions
Auditioning for col­lege is dif­fer­ent from audi­tion­ing for pro­fes­sional work. Colleges are look­ing for stu­dents who are ready to train for four years, stu­dents they feel they can mold over time. There is an art to these audi­tions that our instruc­tors have spent years work­ing on.

Monologue & Song Preparation
This will con­sist of prac­ti­cal coach­ing ses­sions aimed at giv­ing the indi­vid­ual stu­dent the means to achieve at least one pre­sentable audi­tion mono­logue and one audi­tion song.

Mock Auditions
After two weeks, campers will go through a mock col­lege audi­tion. Each camper will be given ver­bal and/​or writ­ten eval­u­a­tions of their work from teach­ers and guest artists.

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