Frequently Asked Questions


What are the rules and regulations?
We have a written set of rules that all campers must abide by. The rules are given to the campers and parents. You may see the list on page 3 of this document.

Is Texas Arts Project affiliated with a certain religion?
No. Texas Arts Project is not affiliated with any religion. Our campers come from all different backgrounds and there are no religious activities at camp.

What happens if my child gets sick?
It’s kind of like being at home. For minors injuries, we have First Aid Certified staff members along with a sports trainer on campus during the day. For more severe medical issues, we have a relationship with a walk-in clinic just up the road from St. Stephen’s. For emergencies, we take campers to a nearby emergency center. Campers must have complete medical history and health forms on file prior to the start of camp.

Is there storage for valuables?
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We suggest that campers leave valuables at home.

How many staff do you have and what are their qualifications?
Staff members are a combination of local, regional and national educators, college students, and professional artists. All staff members undergo a thorough background check and must take a seminar mandated through the Episcopal Diocese titled, “Safeguarding God’s Children,” which is an educational program for preventing child sexual abuse. Many staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid.

What are the facilities like?
St. Stephen’s 300-acre campus near Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, offers breath-taking views and state-of-the-art facilities.

What kind of food is served?
Meals are provided 3 times daily. There is standard fare for each meal and a featured daily dish. Standard breakfast includes scrambled eggs, a waffle station, toast, bagels, a cereal bar, oatmeal, coffee, milk and juice. Standard lunch and dinner includes a deli sandwich station, a salad bar, peanut butter and jelly and fruit. Featured dishes range from lasagna to chicken stir-fry to burgers to fajitas. Dishes are always accompanied by a vegetable and a starch side dish. There are vegetarian options available. On the weekends, we often have dorm cook-outs, pizza and a movie, pancake breakfast, etc.

Where do I send mail and packages?

AUSTIN, TX 78746

Do the campers have access to laundry?
There are laundry facilities either in the dorm or in a nearby dorm. Laundry does not require payment. Please send high efficiency detergent pods to camp and take a moment to teach your child how to do laundry. Our staff will also assist.

When can I talk to my child?
Campers will not have time to call home daily. If you require a special call time, please notify the staff at check-in. TAP parents should feel free to call the Residential Director if you have any questions or concerns during camp. Please do not call the Residential Director to reach your child unless there is an emergency. Send an email requesting that he or she call you. Send emails to with your child’s name in the subject line. They will be printed and dispensed during lunch or dinner. Campers may bring cell phones to camp, but they will be held by staff during classes, rehearsals and activities. Campers will have one short phone break each day.

Does my child need spending money?
If you would like to send spending money with your camper, we suggest no more than $100. The only times campers might have the opportunity to make purchases are at off-campus outings, the campus concession stand, and soda and snack machines.

What are the dorms like?
St. Stephen’s is a boarding high school during the school year. The summer camps are fortunate to use those dorms. The dorms are equipped with full kitchens, common areas with television and comfortable lounging and community bathrooms with separate shower stalls. The dorm rooms typically have two sets of bunk beds, accommodating four campers. Each camper has access to closet space, dressers and shelves. Some dorm rooms have a sink and a mirror. Showers are located in the bathrooms at the end of each hall.

Can my child request a roommate?
We do our best to honor all reasonable roommate requests. It is very important that ALL of the campers involved make the same requests. Requests should be made upon registration.

How do we make arrangements for travel to and from camp?
Parents have the option to bring campers to camp or send them on an airplane. At no additional cost, a staff member will pick up and drop off campers at the airport. When making flight arrangements, we ask that you do your best to fly in before camp check in and fly out after the conclusion of the camp session. All travel arrangements must be entered online.

What if my child becomes homesick?
Homesickness is a normal experience in the process of growing up, and every counselor is trained to help a homesick camper through encouragement, lots of activity and building new friendships. Parents can help by writing frequent letters. Refrain from making a fuss over your departure or suggesting that your child might get homesick. So long as you encourage your child to stay at camp, he or she will be in good hands and will have a wonderful experience.

How many campers attend Texas Arts Project?
Senior Camp is expected to have approximately 40 campers. Junior Camps are each expected to have approximately 15 campers.

Can my camper check and send email?
You may email campers at Please put the camper’s first and last name in the subject line. Camper emails will be delivered at lunch or dinner, along with the snail mail. Senior campers may have access to personal email beginning the 2nd week of camp.

When can we visit during camp?
Senior and Junior 2 campers may have visitors only on the specified “visitation” mornings. Campers may leave campus for the designated three hours so long as the appropriate paperwork has been completed by the accompanying parent/guardian. Please set up visits in advance by filling out the visitation information online during registration. To ensure safety, we will not release a camper unless the proper forms have been completed. There is no visitation day for week-long camps. If you need to drop off items or you need to see your child, please make arrangements through the TAP Camp staff. We will notify the security office and give you an exact location for meeting. We do not allow parents in the dorms between registration day and check out day, unless accompanied by a staff member.

Can campers use cell phones?
We realize that many of our campers are used to having cell phones. However, in order to maintain productivity and a healthy lifestyle during the camp weeks, we ask that you adhere to our cell phone rules. Campers are given cell phones during a designated time, which is typically only 20 minutes a day. We collect cell phones during the day and after “lights out.” Our goal is to avoid obvious intrusion that can be caused by cell phones – talking late at night and keeping roommates awake, ring tones during classes and rehearsals, focusing on old friends instead of new ones, etc. We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that require your camper to have his or her cell phone. Please contact us to inquire about special permission.

What is the camper to staff ratio?
The camper to staff ratio is approximately 3:1. Our counselors are college students or adults who are experienced artists and leaders. Counselors are also around during classes and rehearsals as teaching assistants, dance captains, and stage managers. With the Residential Director, they lead activities and monitor campers during non-class times. The camper to counselor ratio is 8:1.

Do you go on trips?
Campers have at least 1 off-campus trip to see a theatrical event. Senior Campers may also go to Barton Springs pool, a movie, or a tour of a theatre or studio. When campers leave campus for theatre outings or other trips, they are either transported by St. Stephen’s driving personnel in a school bus or by a staff member in the school van. If it is a very small trip, a staff member might use his or her personal vehicle.

Can I get a video of the final showcase/films?
Yes, upon registration, you may purchase a video of the final showcase/films.