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How TAP Works

Every summer, students from across the country flock to Austin, Texas for a one-of-a-kind performing arts experience. Through outstanding teaching, professional instruction and practical experience, Texas Arts Project (TAP Camp) has quickly become a proven leader in the world of performing arts education. TAP camp aims to enhance skills, encourage cooperative work, and nurture self-confidence.

This was Jacob’s first extended camp away from home, and a new experience for us all. Your staff was very helpful at every stage. Jacob had a fantastic time. Really filled exactly the niche we needed, and Jacob got a great hands-on learning experience in film while learning to appreciate musical theater (something he hadn’t much interest in before camp). –Parent to Filmmaking Major 2008 (Age 16)

Senior Camps

Senior Campers choose between 3 courses of study: musical theatre, acting, and filmmaking. Classes, seminars, and practical experience provide intensive training experiences for aspiring young artists. Three and four week sessions conclude with a final performance showcase (featuring all musical theatre and acting majors) and film screenings (featuring each film major’s new short film).

There are three options for enrollment.

Option 1. Filmmaking

Ages 14 – 18 or Completing grades 8 – 12

4-week Session: June 4 – July 2, 2017
Filmmaking $3375 (save $500 by attending the 4-week session)
A 4-week comprehensive filmmaking experience. Campers are guided through the process, techniques and enjoyment of creating films from scratch. Learn the basics, write your own screenplay, rotate through roles on multiple shoots, and edit your film. Leave with your own short film for submission into festivals, competitions, and college programs.

Option 2. Film Production (requires application)

Ages 14 – 18 or Completing grades 8 – 12

3-week Session: June 11 – July 2, 2017
Film Production $2775
Make your own film from screenwriting through editing. This is for those who have previously attended TAP Camp or have filmmaking experience and do not wish to take an Intro to Filmmaking course. Submit one of your films for acceptance into this program and skip the intro week. Choose option 1 if you wish to make a film of your own but do not have prior experience.

Option 3. Intro to Filmmaking

Ages 14 – 18 or Completing grades 8 – 12

1-week Session: June 4 – June 9, 2017
Intro to Filmmaking $1175
This is for beginning filmmakers who want a week long crash course in filmmaking and are not yet ready for the 4-week comprehensive filmmaking experience. This is a week devoted to learning all aspects of filmmaking.

Acting & Musical Theatre
There are three options for enrollment.

Option 1. Senior Advanced Camp

Ages 14 – 18 or Completing grades 8 – 12

4-week Session: June 4 – July 2, 2017
Advanced Camp $3,075 (save $500 by attending 4-week session)
(Video Submission & Application Required. See Advanced Camp page for details.)
We recommend the full 4-week experience as it is a comprehensive program combining skills necessary for the college audition process combined with a three week intensive consisting of classes, rehearsals, and practical experience for the stage and film. Option 1 combines Options 2 and 3, saving you $500.

Option 2. Senior Camp

Ages 15-18 or Completing grades 10-11

3-week Session: June 11 – July 2, 2017
Acting majors are challenged on a daily basis through rigorous class work and a variety of rehearsal methods. Scene study, monologue work, improvisation, acting exercises, script analysis, voice and movement, and a professional-style rehearsal process give campers a wide range of skills and techniques.
Musical Theatre $2575
Musical Theatre at TAP is the most intense program of its kind in Texas. In three short weeks we create not only amazing performers, but competent technicians well-versed in the language of their craft. Study voice, dance, and acting in daily classes and rehearsals. Find a safe place to challenge yourself in all areas of musical theatre. True triple threat training at its best!

Option 3. Advanced Camp

Ages 14 – 18 or Completing grades 8 – 12

1-week Session: June 4 – June 9, 2017
Advanced Camp $1,075
(Video Submission & Application Required. See Advanced Camp page for details.)
This program is for young people who are interested in continuing their performing arts education at the collegiate level. Through a series of private lessons, workshops, seminars and mock auditions, this select group will hone their talents and create a portfolio of songs or monologues for their college auditions. We recommend the 4-week Senior Advanced Option for a comprehensive experience.

Junior Camps

Ages 9 – 13 or completing grades 3 – 8

1-week (Beginning/Intermediate)

Dates June 4-9, 2017
Tuition $1175

2-week (Intermediate/Advanced)

Application Required. Click for details.
Dates June 11-24, 2017
Tuition $1975

Junior Camps focus on singing, acting and dancing. Structured classes combined with an intense rehearsal process and a lot of fun, make the Junior Camp a wonderful experience for the young artist. Broadway style songs and dances are rehearsed and performed at the end of the session. Higher expectations and more challenging material make the 2-week camp a more advanced program.